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Gunsmoke: Mr. and Mrs. Amber

Season 1, Episode 37


0:30 no Boot Hill opener on this one. Some of them didn’t have it. Maybe these were the ones that deviated from the radio show scripts.

1:20 it’s so weird how I thought about the whole Johnny Depp/Amber Heard fiasco when I read this title, and this scene is all about this guy describing how when a man gets prodded and pushed too far “Ain’t you got a right to rise up and strike against him?” Kinda spooky. Sounds like he’s describing a situation between two men, but still. “Ain’t he responsible for his own hate and meanness, ain’t he partly to blame for making you want to kill him?” Sooo weird. And who the hell has ever heard of “Amber” as a surname anyway? Sounds like the universe talking, to me. I don’t really believe in coincidence.

2:28 I meeeean, basically everyone in this show has publicly declared that they were gonna kill somebody at some point, so nah Chester, I’d say there’s a chance he means it.

5:15 sometimes Marshal Dillon makes me feel all wild inside.

10:00 fricken weirdos.

14:08 that’s a little dramatic.

14:50 I can tell this guy can hardly take his role seriously, it’s just so ignorant and extremist.

20:50 lol… couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy!

There just aren’t enough hours in the day to watch Gunsmoke.

(May 5, 2022)