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Gunsmoke: Cara

Season 1, Episode 36


1:00 oh wow, is this episode about one of Matt’s past love interests? That’d be kinda nice.

1:11 is that her?? She’s a looker.

1:20 wow this is heavy, so Doc’s wrapping up her arm while the hotel manager’s talking about people previously attempting or committing suicide in the hotel’s history. Wow man, I didn’t expect them to touch on a topic like this!

3:42 lol he patted that guy’s horse on the ass!!!

4:25 well I don’t like her as much as Miss Kitty but it’s good to know he’s at least shagged a bitch before!?

4:50 she didn’t botch it, she just wanted attention. Seems like Marshal Dillon likes ’em either crazy or risque.

6:10 oh Miss Kitty ain’t gonna like that at all, and as far as I can tell, Matt ain’t really on board with it either. I don’t rightly blame him. A shifty broad showing up again after all those years is just weird.

6:20 send her over to the Lady Gay for God’s sake.

6:35 “There’s no such thing as a gray cat.” That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard.

7:20 lol this is what Miss Kitty wears to bed? Good Lord… glamorous much??

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I love this scene.

12:28 well she’s right about that.

12:45 sounds like he’s setting her up.

13:15 this is the first woman he’s actually sent over to work at the Long Branch as a dance hall hussy. I should be celebrating this epic moment, but alas… lmao, it feels like an empty victory.

14:10 yeah, it’s definitely worse than being a saloon girl.

15:20 I mean Kitty’s right about everything she’s saying, but I think she’s got Matt pegged all wrong on this one. He’s gonna nail that chick and I ain’t talking about in the bedroom either. He’s not interested in her.

16:25 ROFLMFAOOOOO this SCEEEENNNE. Roflmfaolololol. LOL!!!!!!!!! Oh man Kitty’s mad.

21:25 can’t get one over on Marshal Dillon… what a man!!!

23:30 kiiiinda hoping he shoots her, and I bet Miss Kitty wouldn’t mind either, bwhahahaha!!! I guess that opener at Boot Hill was kind of a spoiler if you think about it.