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Gunsmoke: The Guitar

Season 1, Episode 35


1:00 lmao this is the rowdiest shit I’ve ever heard. They did such a great job with this scene, especially the one on the left.

6:00 did that random guy just say he owns the Long Branch??

8:10 I take it they aren’t fond of Yankees.

11:45 shit I’d mount up and be the fuck out of there pronto.

14:25 if the burro meant that much to him he should have never left it unattended after a situation like that… I sure the fuck wouldn’t have.

16:32 I mean come on, this Weed fella is a wimp. It’s lame. He needs to grow some nuts.

20:06 NOW he’s gonna move along? NOW HE’S GONNA MOVE ALONG?!?!??!!!

21:18 I swear this guy’s dumber than a box of shit, honestly they can kill him but just leave the burro alone.

22:00 at least he’s got some smart people looking out for him in this ONE instance, but I think his character is ridiculous… no way he made it that far in his travels without getting killed. It’s just straight up unrealistic.

23:08 wait, what!? Well, fuck me!!!

23:45 MUAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!! Now that’s old west justice right there, baby!!!!!!! I don’t see a damn thing wrong with it.

(May 5, 2022)
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Gunsmoke: Cara

Season 1, Episode 36


1:00 oh wow, is this episode about one of Matt’s past love interests? That’d be kinda nice.

1:11 is that her?? She’s a looker.

1:20 wow this is heavy, so Doc’s wrapping up her arm while the hotel manager’s talking about people previously attempting or committing suicide in the hotel’s history. Wow man, I didn’t expect them to touch on a topic like this!

3:42 lol he patted that guy’s horse on the ass!!!

4:25 well I don’t like her as much as Miss Kitty but it’s good to know he’s at least shagged a bitch before!?

4:50 she didn’t botch it, she just wanted attention. Seems like Marshal Dillon likes ’em either crazy or risque.

6:10 oh Miss Kitty ain’t gonna like that at all, and as far as I can tell, Matt ain’t really on board with it either. I don’t rightly blame him. A shifty broad showing up again after all those years is just weird.

6:20 send her over to the Lady Gay for God’s sake.

6:35 “There’s no such thing as a gray cat.” That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard.

7:20 lol this is what Miss Kitty wears to bed? Good Lord… glamorous much??

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I love this scene.

12:28 well she’s right about that.

12:45 sounds like he’s setting her up.

13:15 this is the first woman he’s actually sent over to work at the Long Branch as a dance hall hussy. I should be celebrating this epic moment, but alas… lmao, it feels like an empty victory.

14:10 yeah, it’s definitely worse than being a saloon girl.

15:20 I mean Kitty’s right about everything she’s saying, but I think she’s got Matt pegged all wrong on this one. He’s gonna nail that chick and I ain’t talking about in the bedroom either. He’s not interested in her.

16:25 ROFLMFAOOOOO this SCEEEENNNE. Roflmfaolololol. LOL!!!!!!!!! Oh man Kitty’s mad.

21:25 can’t get one over on Marshal Dillon… what a man!!!

23:30 kiiiinda hoping he shoots her, and I bet Miss Kitty wouldn’t mind either, bwhahahaha!!! I guess that opener at Boot Hill was kind of a spoiler if you think about it.

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Gunsmoke: Mr. and Mrs. Amber

Season 1, Episode 37


0:30 no Boot Hill opener on this one. Some of them didn’t have it. Maybe these were the ones that deviated from the radio show scripts.

1:20 it’s so weird how I thought about the whole Johnny Depp/Amber Heard fiasco when I read this title, and this scene is all about this guy describing how when a man gets prodded and pushed too far “Ain’t you got a right to rise up and strike against him?” Kinda spooky. Sounds like he’s describing a situation between two men, but still. “Ain’t he responsible for his own hate and meanness, ain’t he partly to blame for making you want to kill him?” Sooo weird. And who the hell has ever heard of “Amber” as a surname anyway? Sounds like the universe talking, to me. I don’t really believe in coincidence.

2:28 I meeeean, basically everyone in this show has publicly declared that they were gonna kill somebody at some point, so nah Chester, I’d say there’s a chance he means it.

5:15 sometimes Marshal Dillon makes me feel all wild inside.

10:00 fricken weirdos.

14:08 that’s a little dramatic.

14:50 I can tell this guy can hardly take his role seriously, it’s just so ignorant and extremist.

20:50 lol… couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy!

There just aren’t enough hours in the day to watch Gunsmoke.

(May 5, 2022)
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Gunsmoke: Unmarked Grave

Season 1, Episode 38


0:07 oooohhhh, Marshal Dillon… is your backside a sight for sore eyes!

God he’s so beautiful. He’s so gorgeous. When I started out watching Gunsmoke, I had no idea I’d be so smitten with James Arness.

1:44 I’m sorry, but if this is the “boy” he was referring to in the intro, I don’t fricken like him at all and I’m not gonna have an ounce of compassion for him. They’re lining us up to hate this character, there’s no way they aren’t. Maybe the intro was about somebody else.

2:25 he does have a cute mouth though.

Nothing is better than Gunsmoke.

3:30 “All the Shortys and the Curlys and the Slims”… like pure poetry. His voice is like music to me.

I wonder if they listened to the corresponding radio show/episode before they filmed each one?? Or if they just went off the words on the paper script and never tried to get a gauge from the radio show? I think it’s preferable if they didn’t concern themselves with the way the radio show episode went and put their own spin on certain things.

4:11 so like… when was he gonna tell her that, exactly??

4:28 I love how he guides her ass down onto the chair… *nanarub* I’m gonna have to watch that again.

Oh God he’s so fuckin’ hot.

5:20 I love how he just blinks at her compassionately… *lustful yearning*

6:04 “I’d be obliged if you’d come and lay the pipe on me directly, Marshal.” *dancing banana*

6:20 oh come on, he knows every last motherfucker in Boot Hill, he knows where that guy’s buried.

8:30 damn, this lady’s annoying.

14:00 wow, he needs to throw that dumb bitch in jail.

20:26 I kinda hope she gets caught in some crossfire.

21:00 those ARE some nice pants though.


24:00 I wanna get soooo naked with Marshal Dillon. I can’t wait to see him in color!!!

24:45 yeah no shit you were lady, now why don’t ya quit yer yammerin’ and let the good marshal scoot on along to the Doc so he can NOT DIE?!?!?!?!

25:00 another episode that just ends right after Matt gets shot, no scenes at the Doc, no reassuring he’s totally fine, just ends like everything’s cool, lmao.

25:30 sounds like they’ve changed the pitch/speed of the closing theme and made it sound a bit… happier. Definitely more spiced up. It’s very pretty.

(May 6, 2022)