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Solo Female Traveler Tips

(April 8, 2019)

Video Transcript:

So my #1 safety tip for solo female travelers is…

To just look kinda fucked up.

You know what I mean?

It’s not about winning a beauty contest out here, we’re not out here to look good.

We’re out here to live life.

And have experiences in the world.

I’m not trying to say purposely attempt to look ugly, but you’re honestly better of erring on the side of homeliness rather than trying to show off your looks.

You gotta be smart about it.

I feel like I’m pretty safe because I’m just making no attempt whatsoever to be attractive on any level. The time for that is over in life, that’s done. Everything is so much more serious than that.

When you see that life IS fragile and short…

I mean it’s not “short” necessarily, but it’s KINDA short in the scheme of things in millions of years on this planet.

Life is short, but it’s more so fragile than short…

When you see that and you realize that and it truly hits home with you, it changes your fucking life and you’re just like you know what, fuck everything. Just fuck everything. I’m done living a less than completely, totally honest life.

Solo female travelers, just don’t try to be attractive.

Only do that if you’re in a safe place, if you’re with people who you actually know and you’re going out for dinner or whatever, fine.

But when you’re alone, don’t do it. Don’t try to look attractive. There’s no reason to.

If people only like you because you make an effort to be attractive, they don’t like the real you. You don’t want people in your life who don’t like the real you.

Anyway, sermon’s over.

So I’m here at sunrise, it’s like 6AM. At my first legitimate camping spot, and literally nothing happened. So that’s freakin’ awesome. Nothing happened, everything was fine.


I just need to find about 20 other places where I can do this and then I’ll be able to basically just live this way. That’s the goal. The goal is to not live in a house, because when you live in a house it’s like you’re living in a climate controlled box, and you’re just a piece of meat rotting away. Just slow rot.

And I’ve found that traveling this way, living like this, it increases your perception of time by like roughly three times as much.

I left a week ago today, and it feels like I’ve been gone for probably like 3 weeks. Honestly it feels timeless.

The amount of experiences that I have had just so far…

A week into this?

It completely changes your perception of life. It makes life longer.

It’s cold right now, my tripod handle is cold right now, the camera is foggy. It’s cold.

And that feels good.

If I’m in a house and the heater’s on and it gets cold like this, my nose gets so dry. It makes me have a headache and I wake up feeling sick. And I don’t feel like that. I’m cold, but I don’t feel sick or dried out like a raisin.

It’s so much better to live closer to the elements, to expose yourself to those changes in temperature.

I recommend and encourage everybody, especially if you’re drawn to it, try to do this. Try to attempt to live a mobile lifestyle. Even if you can only do it on the weekends or for a day every now and then, do it and see if it makes you happy and makes you feel good.

And if it does, work toward making that your life. It’s okay to do it.

You have to plan and learn and become educated about how to do it. I’ve spent a good two years solid planning and thinking and learning about this. And now I’m attempting to do this forever, basically.

I have a spirit of wanderlust, I’m not necessarily the most realistic person in the world.

I will literally leave to go and do this, a “roadtrip”, with the intent of it being “forever”.

And we all know about forever. Forever is kind of an arbitrary concept, nothing is forever.

Nevertheless, I’ll set out with that intention in my heart. Of just forever living this roaming kind of life.

And that’s an experience I wanna have. I wanna do that.

It all makes sense in hindsight. Eventually you understand why you want to do the things that you want to do.

But the important thing is that you just do it. Because you’ll always be curious and if you don’t do it, you’ll regret it.

Stop waiting for society to give you permission to break free, because they won’t ever give you permission.

Misery loves company. They don’t want you to be free. But you can be free, if this is what you want.

So I encourage you.

You got this.

Solo female, solo dude. Whatever. Couples. Just get a van big enough for both of you.

I’m glad I’m solo to be honest.