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Girls Just Wanna Car Camp

(April 8, 2019)

Video Transcript:

So I stayed here at Motel 6 in Winslow, Arizona lastnight, and it was fucking great. I had to get some work done. Since the camping spot I was originally gonna go to fell thru for reasons I didn’t expect, I was like you know what, I need to just get a hotel and do some important work and plan where I’m gonna go.

I think I found an area, and I’m nervous. It seems like a perfect place. It’s kinda hard to find one of those, for me and my standards and what I’m looking for particularly. It’s not that easy. So I’m heading there today and I just don’t know what to expect, really. It’s gonna be interesting.

Here I am in the spot. It seems kind of amazing?

I didn’t pull very far in. I just saw this spot with the tree and it seemed kind of perfect. It’s just very different for me. I feel like I need to position my car a little better.

The idea that I can just stay here…

The only thing is there are spots where locals come and break bottles and shit.

This is a bitchin’ fuckin’ tree dude.

If I wanted to, I could just stand beside this tree every day, for 2 weeks.

You know what’s interesting is the cell phone signal out here is bomb. I’m checking my phone whilst making a video, I’m so rude.

As far as camping goes, this is a bitchin’ spot as long as it doesn’t get weird at night. Like if 50 pickup trucks pull up in here and start rolling kegs around and shit, that would be bad.

But legitimately, that shit at the hotel lastnight with those chicks. They were lovers or something, it was a weird crazy chick fight that was based around one chick being hurt because the other chick… I dunno, it sounded like a lover’s quarrel going on.

And, there were dudes also yelling.


Outside in the parking lot. Where my car was. And I was like… you can’t necessarily safely come up out of your hotel at like 3 or 4AM or whatever with your bags and shit all freaked out without people being like, “Oh, what are you doing?” Potentially, there’s literally a violent escalation going on. You can’t just walk out in the middle of that shit.

But when you’re in a vehicle, there’s the anonymity thing going on, no one knows who’s in it and you can just drive off.

Of course there’s the scenarios of them slicing your tires and all that horror movie bullshit, but I’ll drive that fucker out on rims until it blows up, you know what I mean?

I can’t believe that it’s possible to do this. I can’t believe I’m in Arizona right now. I lust after Arizona. Somebody who lives in Arizona posted a picture that was like a full moon starlit night sky a few months ago and I was like, “Man, I want that. I want that Arizona night.”

And I’m here.

This is the way it works.

You see it, you envision it, you feel emotion over it, and it happens.

It’d be nice if I could have truck plates that don’t have any state on it. Kentucky, people are gonna drive by it like “WTF?” What if somebody hates Kentucky and wants to torch that shit? My mind.

I need to be in a peaceful place. I’m super tense, my entire body is so tense. It’s hurting me physically.

I recorded some information about some of the things I’ve experienced lately, but it’s kind of sensitive so I don’t think I’ll share it. Suffice it to say, I’m not out here doing this for no reason. In a sense, I’m running for my life. Do or die. It’s really strange. It didn’t happen to me the way I hear about it happening to a lot of people. I was forced to it in other ways.

So I’ve got everything sort of arranged in my car.

Just laying in my car, I’ve got all the window coverings up.

I’ve been blessed with an absurdly comfortable bed and it’s about 6 inches of memory foam. That’s about that it takes to be truly comfortable if you’re in your car and you can fold your seats down and put something over that. You need to put thick foam, don’t skimp.

We spend so much of our lives sleeping, we need to be comfortable doing it. It’s definitely the most important aspect of living in your vehicle. You’ve got to have a comfortable bed.

I should probably be outside right now enjoying the beautiful day but it was such a monumental feat for me to even get here and feel like it was doable that I’m just gonna relax. That’s what this is about for me.

Relaxing and trying to learn how to loosen my body and the intensity and the tension. I wanna live life at a slower pace and just don’t be so uptight basically. It’s not healthy to be like that.

I’ve changed into some comfortable, crazy pants and taken my shoes off, and I don’t wanna put ’em back on.

Where are my shoes? Here’s one of ’em…

(holds shoe up to camera)

They’re kinda like colorful and stuff, they’re sneakers.

Wearing socks is fuckin’ bullshit, I don’t wanna do it anymore. There’s like no way to wash them.

I mean obviously I know how to wash them, I devised a method of a washbucket and all that shit, but I don’t wanna have to do that.

I wanna figure out how to do this as simply as possible.

I’ll probably mostly wear the same thing.

I brought a lot of shit with me, it’s ridiculous. Do I regret it at this juncture? No. I like everything that I have in here. I have something for every occasion and need that there could be, and I like that.

Cuz when you’re out here and the continental United States is your oyster…

I believe in minimalism but I also think it’s good to have a little bit of everything so that you can sort of change your life on a dime. Just be somebody different if you need to be.

It feels good. Not gonna lie, it feels really really good.

This was what I wanted. I wanted to come and find a place to just stop and stay. And honestly just like, lay here.

It’s a weird feeling when you do kinda get there, you know what I mean? Here I am, and now I’m laying here in my car. What do I do? That’s just it. Stop asking yourself what to do every minute of every day. Just fuckin’ relax.