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Living In My Car: First Time BLM Camping

(April 9, 2019)

Video Transcript:

The wind is pretty intense right now.

I’ve been getting alerts about a dust storm warning.

So that sounds pretty rad, can’t wait to see what the hell that’s like.

It’s actually really dusty out here, I think I can feel it in my eyeballs.

Anyway, I’m just blown away.

I pulled in kinda late and the campground host was off duty, and the sign said to park and then talk to the host tomorrow.

So I did, and I admit I was really nervous because I’ve never done this on BLM land. The last place as a National Forest.

With wind like this, I’m gonna have to get out my little fuzzy microphone, but I don’t know if it works. I tried it once and it seemed to work. I’ll try it again.

Hell yeah, livin’ the dream baby!

They weren’t kidding about that dust storm, man, the wind is like high.

This should be pretty entertaining tonight, probably be a really windy one.

I like wind.