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Tripping Out On Arizona Beauty

(April 9, 2019)

Video Transcript:

Dude. Look how fuckin’ beautiful this is.

Look at that shit.

That’s INSANE.

Look how stunning this is.

This is fucking stunning.

And look at those people up there, look at those houses.

They’re living the fucking dream over there.

This is AMAZING.

Look at this, look how fuckin’ gorgeous this is.

Am I right??

Look at this.

Wow dude.

The drive through Kingman and Lake Havasu City is like the chillest drive I’ve ever taken.

Leagues beyond chill. Just stunning.

There’s a ton of people around here too.

This area is amazing, it feels really good too.

It’s pretty warm, the heat is really nice. It’s like 90 something degrees but it’s not bad, probably because of the breeze by the water.