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Sweating The Campground Host

(April 10, 2019)

Video Transcript:

Oh my God, it was so windy all night.

I wonder if it’s gonna be windy like this the whole time, cuz if I pitch a tent, how’s that gonna work?

I kinda feel like I need to put on some “normal people clothes” to go talk to this camp host dude cuz I don’t want him thinking I’m some kind of crazy person or something like that.

I mean not that it’s not totally apparent anyway but.

I’m a car camper, that’s like a level beyond RV people who have running water in their rigs. I’m literally in a car. I don’t even know if that’s allowed. It must be. Is it? I dunno.

I’m just afraid this camp host dude’s gonna treat me all weird and act like I’m some kinda nasty person or something.

I’ll let you know.

(Lipsynching to “Comes So Easy” by Cindy Currier)

I love you, Cindy.

So it is hella windy out here. It dies down a little bit every now and then but for the most part…

(Shows sunroof mosquito netting covering rippling in wind)

That’s my covering over the sunroof, and the wind is not really pulling it out but you definitely have to shove it up in there and make sure it’s in there well enough.

I don’t know about pitching a tent in this kind of wind, seems like a recipe for disaster especially considering the fact that I’ve never done it before and I dunno if I could get it back together again.

I dunno if this is the place I really wanna try it to see if I can do it or not. If it was less windy it’d be totally fine and I could do it here probably.

So I’ve gotta have some breakfast…

(Holds up ~Orgain Creamy Chocolate Fudge Nutritional Shake)

And this is gonna be my breakfast.

drinks and reads container

I’ve got on my Sammy Guevara “Pebszilla” t-shirt.

This is my version of “normal people clothes” with like some black leggings.

I’ve literally just pulled over on the side of the road in this area…

Oh my God there’s a bigass cactus over there.

This area, there are just pull outs everywhere, gravel lots everywhere, so I just pulled over onto one.

I tried to talk to the campground host again. He’s there, he has a truck and a camper, but he’s not out and the sign says he’s still off duty. Of course it is like 8:30AM. Obviously that’s kinda early.

I dunno, I just wanna talk to him and ask him some questions about life. I know he’s seen me come by like twice.

(Crawling around through back of car)

Sorry, I’ve gotta navigate through all this shit I’ve got in here.

I just kinda want the campground host to see that I’m not threatening or anything cuz I feel like he’s seen me come through there a couple times and he probably doesn’t know who’s in the car. So it’s just some weird black car that’s like, what is it even doing, that’s not a camper, that’s not an RV, like who is that?

So now I’m thinking I should change into a girl with a dress on or something. That might be better. I’m gonna try to pull that out of my ass here literally on the side of the fuckin’ road. I’m gonna put up my window coverings and put on something else.

So now I’m just dressed like a regular harmless girl who just looks like a regular normal girl or whatever. I’m thinking this is gonna be better for my presentation.

Maybe I’m just overthinking this whole camphost thing, I dunno. It’s really important to me to make a good impression on people. Not really in general, just when it comes to matter I find serious and personal to me. Like the idea and concept of public lands and being able to camp on public lands. I really value that as a system of freedom.

I just want to do right and show that I care and I’m interested in this. Again, I think the mobile lifestyle is the future so I just want to make sure that I’m displaying and setting a good example. And showing that even people in their cars want to do this and are going to do this.

Living this way is not hard, even the things you might think are hard, they’re really not. It’s really simple, and especially if society would embrace a mobile lifestyle like this… it would be even easier than it is right now.

I want to nurture that and I want that to be the future. I want to do my part to secure that future for everybody.

No matter what, I always keep my car keys pinned to me. I always make sure that it’s on me because that’s one of the most important things when you live in a vehicle, you want to make sure you have access to your keys at all times.

In addition, I recommend getting a small drawstring bag and keeping your valuables in the bag and on your person. This is especially true in other countries and cities, just in case somebody snatches your wallet. Keep your passport etc. in the drawstring bag and pin it to yourself.