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The Scandalous Writings of Bob Dylan

I Need This From You
(November 29, 2023)

Video Transcript:

This is probably gonna be my least cohesive discussion yet, but I’ve gotta go in on this.

Is it just me, or is ~Philosophy of Modern Song kind of horny??

It just seems like maybe they’re giving Bob a ton of testosterone to keep him in tiptop shape…

But there were things in PhMoSo that did not sound like they could have come from a man of Bob’s age.

I know men basically never quit, but it just seems excessive.

And that was another reason I was skeptical that Bob even wrote it.

I’m not a hella expert on Bob Dylan, but I’ve never known him to be particularly dirty.

I’ve never known him to be sexually scandalous.

I just kinda wonder, what’s up with that?

And I’ve also wondered if maybe he wrote PhMoSo over the course of years and years.

Maybe he wrote some of that stuff when he was a lot younger or something.

I’m mildly perplexed by this and just really intrigued.

He’s left me wanting more.

I feel like Bob has been holding out on us.

If he was capable of this all along, then why hasn’t he released more stuff like this?

Why doesn’t he just give us more dirty talk?

Bob, please I’m begging you, before you die can you please just give us more?

I want Bob to write straight fucking filth and release that shit at like 85.

Go hard, Bob.

Just don’t stop.

I need this from you.

Some of the things in PhMoSo were straight up scandalous.

Some of it was just straight up dirty.

And if this is really Bob, dare I say…

I kind of like his regular writing more than I like his lyrics.

It honestly drives me wild.

I know it’s a lot to ask and I know he’s already given us so much but…

Just, please. More.

More dirty stuff, Bob, you know exactly what we want. Just deliver.