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Philosophy of Modern Song Review

This Book Is Wild
(Audio: January 30, 2023)
(Video: November 21, 2023)

Video Transcript:

So there are rumors going around that ~The Philosophy of Modern Song was ghostwritten for Bob Dylan, or specifically it was ghostwritten by the people who are responsible for ~Theme Time Radio Hour. TTRH was obviously on the radio so it had to be dialed back for a general audience like a PG-13 type deal.

There were some kind of dirty-ish jokes throughout some of those episodes but nothing too bad.

I can definitely kinda see the parallels between PhMoSo and and TTRH.

It’s almost like PhMoSo is X-rated TTRH.

Just because you can read PhMoSo and hear it in Bob Dylan’s voice doesn’t mean Bob Dylan wrote it.

If PhMoSo was ghostwritten for Bob Dylan, then that means that we’ve got a serious problem because one of two things happened…

(1) This book was slid across Bob’s desk and he opens it up and flips through it a little bit and he’s like “Okay fine whatever just publish it I don’t even care.”

And he didn’t even read it.

Possibility (2) is that Bob Dylan is like totally senile now and they just haven’t told us.

And for some ungodly reason they decided to release this book under Bob Dylan’s name.

It would be totally disrespectful.

Listen, I wanna believe Bob Dylan wrote this book but at the same time it’s like, are you okay Bob?

For real.

Let’s address some of the claims of misogyny.

I don’t know what to call this, but it’s NOT misogyny.

Misogyny is like down here and this book is like WAY up here.

This is intense.

As a woman, am I offended by this?

The only thing that offends me is that there’s not MORE.

I just want more.

Here’s the thing…

At the end of the day, I don’t even care if Bob Dylan didn’t write this book. I just want more.

Whoever wrote this, please just don’t stop.

Whatever you write in the future, just make sure you do it under the guise of Bob Dylan, because that Bob Dylan name is the cherry on top of this.

The mental imagery of 80 year old Bob Dylan writing this…

It’s just hilarious to me.

This book is wild.

The writing style, the voice, it seems the same as ~Chronicles Vol. 1 which was supposedly written by Bob without a ghostwriter.

I want to believe Bob wrote this book and I kinda think he did, but at the same time, is he just taking the piss?

This book makes “Tarantula” look like it makes sense. That’s how fucked up this book is.

I can’t hear Bob Dylan saying some of these things.

Most of it I can hear in the voice of Bob Dylan, TTRH style.

Just certain words in this book, I can’t…

I just can’t seem to actually hear Bob saying that, so I’m gonna need an audio book version that is read by Bob 100% because Listen, we need to know you’re okay Bob.

Just come out and tell us in no uncertain terms, “Yeah I’m totally fine, I’m not out of my mind, I wrote that book and that’s just what I think.”

If we had an audiobook version of this read by Bob, then he would obviously have to know that this is supposed to be his book right?

Yes, PhMoSo 10/10, would recommend, absolute must have for any Bob Dylan fan…

And if you are the one who ghostwrote this book and Bob Dylan is out there somewhere senile, fuck you, you are sick.