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Morning Campsite Walk and Chat

(April 9, 2019)

Video Transcript:

So my camping spot today is further in than my last one was.

There were like 4 RVs, man you know I gotta say… RVs look like a freakin’ pain.

They had an RV on levelers, and it seems like a huge hassle. I think vans are pretty much the only way to go.

And this my view.

I’m so comfortable.

To able to go to these amazing places and just pass through…

You know, we’re not staying forever.

If you spent 2 weeks at one of these campsites, that’s nothing compared to what you spend living in a house in one location.

You’re just passing through and then you’re onto the next place that has the amazing scenery that just gives you pause and makes you think, “Wow, I’m so blessed and grateful to be here right now.”

Little morning walk around the campsite.

It’s super beautiful.

Lastnight, it was colder than I’m okay with. If it gets below about 48 degrees, I’m not cool with that, that’s not okay.

Gonna be going a little bit further south, towards warmer night time temperatures.

I hate to leave here cuz it’s so pretty, stunningly beautiful. And it’s not even gonna get up to 60 degrees during the day for the next few days, and I don’t want that.

My feet get cold, and I’ve got footwarmers, but if I need to use my footwarmers, it’s too damn cold. That’s not what I came here for.

The main thing that’s kept me away from Arizona for the most part is that every time I’ve come this way, it’s been a really hot time of year and there’s no way to sleep in your vehicle when it’s that hot.

That’s why I went straight to Arizona first thing so I could be here and enjoy it before it got too hot.

I’m really excited about heading a little bit further south. This has been a great first boondocking carcamping experience. I couldn’t have asked for a better introduction to what this is all about.

It’s nice, it’s just that you’ve got to move with the weather.

I think I might eat a little bit of something.

So for breakfast I’m gonna be having this…

(holds up Chunky’s Split Pea & Ham Soup)


Oh my God. It’s like the baby food all over again.

What I really appreciate about this is that it’s nice and mushy.

drinks water

If it was warm and had about 50 times more salt in it, it’d be better.

Well, that’s not… good. That’s not very good.

But I did get a couple other flavors so I think those will probably be better.

It’s not that it’s cold, it’s just that it’s not good. I should have known. I kinda did know, like when I picked it up I was like agh… let’s do it. Let’s do it anyway.

It’s amazing how much trash gets made.

Well anyway, that’s breakfast done for me.

So now I’m gonna do a little bit of work and focus on making it to my next camping destination.

I think it’s worth being a little bit hotter during the day in order to be warmer at night.

The heat of the day though…

I dunno how I’m actually gonna deal with that.

I’ve got a tent so if I could get somewhere I could just pitch a tent…

Which I’m sure I’d regret pitching a tent because it’s a pop-up tent and if I can’t twist it just right to get it to collapse back onto itself…

Agh my God.

I also have a camping chair.

I have one of those little inflatable camping mattresses.

I could just lay on the ground and lay on that.

Shit could get weird. For sure.

I’d rather just pitch a tent and put the little inflatable mattress in that.

But I dunno, one of the other or both is probably gonna happen. I dunno how this is gonna work out.