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I Made A Friend

(April 13, 2019)

Video Transcript:

Kingman, Arizona is one of the most agonizingly beautiful places I’ve ever seen in my entire life.

When I say that Kingman has some hotass dudes, in no way do I jest and in no way am I exaggerating. They are EVERYWHERE.

So I’m at the Kingman WalMart and I’m not even gonna lie, it’s a little bit more a shitshow than it was the last time I was here.

Seems kinda crazy. I mean, IT IS Kingman you know, it’s a bigger town. Of course there’s always the chance that it’s gonna be kinda weird. But IT IS kinda weird.

I’m really looking forward to eating because yesterday I didn’t eat anything except one of those little bags of ~Cheetos that is complementary at Subaru while I was waiting,

(holds up bag of ~Tostitos Cantina Style Tortilla Chips)

I’ve been saving my chips and dip for a special occasion wherein I am incredibly ready for it.

(Holds up ~Fritos Mild Cheddar dip)

I’ve gotta eat a lot of this because I can’t refrigerate it.

eats chips, giggles in enjoyment

Heaven is a place where Tostitos Cantina Thin & Crispy and Mind Cheddar are in my fuckin’ mouth.

guzzles water

Okay, I think I’m ready to fuckin’ definitely get the fuck out of here.

Back home now on my BLM land. I gotta say this is…

pans camera


(shows ~Ariat Heritage R-Toe boots)

So I got some righteous boots at Boot Barn today…

I was just thinking today, the shoes I brought with me are not working. I was getting sharp, sticky things all over my ankles walking around out here.

I actually threw those shoes away because they were like useless to me at this point. That’s not the only reason I threw them away though, I would not throw away a pair of shoes for no reason. I threw them away in a gas pump trashcan at Quik-Chek Market in Quartzsite, AZ.

The beauty that I witnessed driving through the Kingman/Lake Havasu City area, and Lake Havasu in general is just insanely beautiful. The water was so blue and green and they’ve got palm trees around there.

I just thank God when I’m driving through these areas that I’m blessed enough to be there and see it, because the beauty is just indescribable.

So more about the campground host… I drove by there again when I just came back here, and his camper and truck is still there, but the campground host sign is gone.

And I’m just like, was it broken? Why is the sign gone? The sign looked fine.

I’m thinking that the host is just like, “Peace, y’all. I’m out.”

I feel like it’s not even a thing right now, I feel like you just come and stay and then you leave after 14 days. And they don’t care. I think that’s what’s going on. I find that so interesting.

On most BLM there’s not a host, is there? I think basically the reason there are hosts around here is because it’s a massively popular RV area.

I’m just taken aback by how stunning and amazing the view is where I am right now.

If you can come in stay in these areas for a few weeks at a time…

Why would you live any other way? Why would you stay in a house in one area when you could go around to these areas indefinitely? You stay for 14 days and you move along 30 miles away to another BLM place.

After 28 days passes, you can come back.

Why would you ever stop doing that?

If you have the money to do this, not even live in an RV, live in a van or whatever your method is…

If you have enough resources to sustain that lifestyle, I just don’t understand why you would ever stop living the mobile lifestyle.

I don’t understand why you’d ever just go ahead and live in a house in one place. I don’t care how nice the house is. It’s in one place, it ain’t going nowhere. The surroundings are what they are.

Over time, situations change, neighborhoods and general areas go to shit. You’re better off being able to move around, keep moving. See and experience new things, new climates and air and all of the elements that are just different in different places.

Another thought on RVs is that they are pretty slow, especially the old ones. I got behind one today and he was doing max 55, and you could tell that’s as fast as it could go. A lot of the time he was down to 45 on a high speed limit road.

There was a line of traffic and I was just thinking man, I wouldn’t wanna be the people in that RV doing it that way. I wouldn’t wanna be the people in nice RVs that can maybe go faster.

You always see RVs on the side of the road with the people inside of it coming out and standing around and looking at wheels and… you know, I mean there are just so many problems.

Of course any vehicle can have problems, it’s just…

There are better ways.

And anybody who’s still stuck on the idea of an RV, a tiny miniature house, where there’s a different room for everything, tables and benches…

It’s just not necessary. And it’s a lot of trouble.

If you’ve got an RV and you approached it that way, you might come out with a negative perspective of mobile living. The happiest day of a boat owner’s life is the day he buys it and the day he sells it.

You’re better off having an effective vehicle that you can not only drive around like a normal vehicle, but you can also live in it.

I think vans are the best way. And they don’t even have to be high topped. They can be passenger vans, just take the seats out. Plenty of room.

The idea is not to be in the vehicle. When you’re sleeping is the only time you should actually be in it.

shows scenery

Why wouldn’t you be out there? That’s all I’m saying.

There are cacti everywhere, I’m about to go take pictures and walk around in my bitchin’ boots.

This is amazing.

What I really love about this area I’m in right now is that there are a shitload of owls around here. All day and all night you can hear them, it’s just so magical.

Check it out…

(standing next to huge cactus)

I made a friend.

I don’t think I’ve ever been this close to such a big cactus. It’s kind of amazing.

Wow, look. There’s the moon.

stares at cactus in wonder

Damn, dude, this cactus is the shit. I’d say I’d like to take it home with me but…

We’re home.