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Bob Dylan: Thoughts On Mortality

It’s All Saved
(December 5, 2023)

Video Transcript:

It’s just an interest that you have, kinda like any other interest.

I love “Gunsmoke” too, it’s like the greatest show of all time. I realize the gravity of what I’m saying there.

I love The Twilight Zone, Barney Miller, I Love Lucy. There are several shows I love, but Gunsmoke is the greatest fuckin’ show of all time, it is what it is.

I feel the same way about Bob Dylan. He’s a subject, he’s like a genre.

But he’s also a person. Which is exciting. And that’s hot.

Cuz even though he’s 82 right now…

Dude, I’m just stoked on Bob Dylan.

I’ll tell you what I wish… I wish Bob Dylan was 40 again.

I wish there was so much more time to play.

To just have Bob here.

It’s greedy, it’s selfish, but that’s just the way I feel about it.

I just wish that he could be here for longer.

But in a way that is awesome for him, you know?

Because being mega old does not look fun.

My grandma is 92…

When you’re THAT OLD, and let me tell you there’s a world of difference between 82 and 92…

It’s a lot.

I just hope that someday, in the future, they create some way to extend life.

But not in a weird, soul compromising ultimatum for eternal youth…

But scientific, real ways of extending life to where…

Yeah you may be 90, but your physical quality of life is good.

It just looks like it sucks to be old.

And I don’t want that.

To think about Bob Dylan and what an amazing life he’s had…

You couldn’t ask for a more interesting experience as a human here on this planet.

That pretty much takes the cake.

I’m sure that he doesn’t give a crap, but…

For those of us who are so intrigued by him and what he represents…

History, culture, embodied and pioneered…

I just wish that he could just stay forever.

But nobody stays forever, nothing lasts forever.

And in past eras of the Earth’s history…

Atlantis, Lemuria, all the lost continents throughout the Earth Ages…

They’ve all had their own Bob Dylan. Every civilization in Earth’s history has had their own Bob Dylan.

It’s like that song by Donovan, “On board were the 12.” They’ve always been here.

But history gets wiped out and they’re forgotten.

They always come back.

But that one song that Bob Dylan’s archetype had in Atlantis…

Nobody will ever hear that again.

That one poem that Atlantis’s Edgar Allan Poe wrote. No one will ever read that again.

And I know it’s all recorded in the Akashic records, the universal conscious. It’s all saved.

It just fascinates me to think that things that are such a big deal right now…

Things that are held in high esteem and obsessed over, someday it’ll all be washed asunder.

And no one will ever lays eyes on it again or hear it again.

Not that version of it, not that vibration. It’ll be gone.

I find it fascinating to live in this era where we’re here, in the now.

And it’s never gonna be again. Not in exactly the same way.

It’ll be different next time.

And I really like this version of it. I don’t want things to change.

Even though we’re totally not in a Golden Age right now.

We’re kind of like… before the Golden Age.

So I’m sure whatever happens next time will be even better…

I’m just nostalgic. I just have a special place in my heart for this time we’re in.

I’m just so entertained.

By every aspect of it.