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Bob Dylan Fever Dream

This Was So Weird…
(December 7, 2023)

Video Transcript:

I just want to share something strange.

It’s almost… intimate.

It’s almost something that I feel like I shouldn’t necessarily share. Which is kinda crazy cuz I’m known for oversharing, especially on the internet.

This was so weird, so bizarre. I think it has significance.

The Tulsa Bob Dylan Museum. I totally wanna go there.

I found out about it in Dec. 2022 when I got back into Bob Dylan again. I’ll talk about my history with Bob Dylan in another recording.

It was just after Christmas 2022 and for a couple weeks I had been super back into Bob Dylan, just going hard.

I came down with the flu after Christmas.

For the first time in my life, I had fever dreams.

These fever dreams were about Bob Dylan.

It was an entire afternoon/early evening where I was so sick and feverish that I dreamed these hyper-realistic dreams about Bob Dylan for what felt like hours.

There was this one dream that I can see crystal clear in my mind.

It was a museum exhibit.

There were books. Black and white. A series of books with black and white covers.

They were inside of a glass display case.

It was futuristic. It was shuffling the books. It was like a motorized book shuffling machine.

It would keep shuffling these books into different formations.

I don’t know what any of the books were called or what specifically was on the cover of any of these books.

I just knew in my mind that these books were by Bob Dylan, and they were not lyrics or autobiographies. They were something else.

I don’t know if they were fiction or what they were. There were probably 10 books. And they were all by Bob Dylan.

And they weren’t anything that we know about right now.

As time has gone on and I’ve remembered this dream specifically for almost a year now…

I’ve just been wondering, has Bob written a ton of stuff that we don’t know about yet?

I know that he said he doesn’t like to write books because he doesn’t want to proofread back over them.

That’s what editors are for.

I just have this feeling that there are literary works by Bob Dylan that we don’t know about yet but may know about in the future.

Maybe even posthumous releases or something.

I just feel like there’s something up Bob’s sleeve.

There are things we don’t know, but we’re gonna know someday.

It also occurred to me that maybe Eddie G, who was involved in Theme Time Radio Hour and Philosophy of Modern song…

Maybe rather than ghostwriting for Bob, he edits what Bob writes.

If it’s true that Bob has a bunch of literary works that we don’t know about yet, could you imagine?

How prolific can one person be?