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The Bob Dylan Prophecy

The End Of An Age

(December 22, 2023)

Video Transcript:

So there was this interview with Bob…

It was from 1985.

Conducted by 20/20.

They were outside in the sun talking.

Here’s the link on YouTube.

It was an amazing interview, must see for any Bob Dylan fan.

There were some really interesting things said…

One of them had to do with how Bob is considered to be a prophet.

They went down the road of prophecy and stuff.

They asked Bob Dylan, “Do you think this is all gonna end?”

Which is a huge question, pretty deep for 20/20.

The Gregorian calendar is a bunch of made up BS, not saying there’s a massive amount of significance to dates/years.

Me personally, in my life, I have seen the turn of a millennium.

There was 1000 years during which the year started with a ‘1’ and now it starts with a ‘2’…

I was just thinking deep about that.

Anyway, Bob pretty much said yes, this is gonna end.

And the question of WHEN was raised…

Bob basically said that there are ancient calendars that say the world will end pretty soon.

I don’t know exactly what he was referencing…

But when they put a time on it, I think he said a couple hundred years.

I was floored when I heard that cuz I’ve been saying that for a really long time.

I’ve never heard somebody else give it a ballpark of a couple hundred years.

That interview was in the 1980s, so that’s already been ~40 years.

It was 200 years, but now it’s ~160 years left.

There are a couple hundred years left for this “advanced” civilization to continue.

If we don’t blow ourselves out of existence before then, there’s going to be some type of…

Heavenly intervention that will smack the planet.

Everything will be destroyed.

That is supposed to happen in the 2180s, a pretty long time from now for us.

This subject gets me going hard on something I was saying in another recording…

The lost continents of Earth Ages past, like Atlantis.

It’s actually true, I dunno if it was called Atlantis, but a continent like that existed.

We had advanced civilizations in Earth’s history that disappeared.

Consider this, Plato for example has been known of for ~2400 years.

There are other examples of super longevity in historical figures. Shakespeare. These types of people.

It’s almost like Bob came at the end of an Age.

I think because of the date Earth has with destruction…

Bob Dylan, his body of work, his legend is probably not gonna have the longevity of Plato or Shakespeare…

Cuz it’s all gonna get destroyed.

Is that dark? I get it, it’s macabre and morbid.

But dude, Bob said this, not me…

Bob was the one who sparked my thought process on this.

I’m just stating the obvious.

If everything gets destroyed, Bob might only be legend for a couple hundred years.

And what about non Earth-based physical record of history as we know it? Like the Voyager Golden Record?

They put together this record/plaque to try to explain human history.

There was music on the record, Chuck Berry was on the record but Bob Dylan wasn’t.

Now, this thing is itsy-bitsy, nobody’s ever gonna find it, so it’s whatever.

If the whole of humanity was wiped out, and the only thing left was something that had been launched into space…

Bob Dylan wouldn’t be on it. Which kinda blows my mind a little bit.

It was a really good interview and I suggest watching it.