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Adventures In BLM Camping: OMG What Have I Done!?

(April 10, 2019)

Video Transcript:

Alright so I’m trying to use this fuzzy microphone to see if it’s any better, and if it’s not and the wind is still bad, there’s nothing I can do about it so you’ll just have to deal with it.


The campground host at the other place literally never came out and I was like you know what, I gotta talk to a campground host.

So I went to another BLM campground and talked to the host there. And we was like, “We get two days off a week.” So maybe those were his two days off.

And I said if I can’t sign in then I don’t feel right about it and I don’t wanna do it. And he was a super old dude. So I signed in here.

While I’m signing in, this guy comes along in a regular car. Like the kind you can’t really sleep in. And he’s like, “Is there a fee to camp here?” And I was like, “No, you just gotta sign in.” This guy was probably living in his car homeless.

First of all, I recognized him, he was an archetype. He’s an archetype of the type I’m familiar with, and I KNOW this mofo. He was curious about what I was doing. He was having thoughts. That’s all there is to it.

So I start driving out here and I’m like, I need to find a place where nobody can really see, you know what I mean? Because that guy… yeah, you don’t wanna camp too close to him or have him see where you are.

I drove out here a ways, over some shit that really should not have been driven over. It’s gonna be a miracle if my car can actually not lose a tire.

This is living on the edge right here.

Pure fucking insanity.

Do not get me wrong, I believe in this but in the same token, I know that it’s crazy. I understand that.


You crazy as hell.

Crazier than crazy.

This is the fucking wilderness. It’s the desert-ish kinda wilderness, so it’s not trees everywhere and you can’t see shit, but it is the wilderness.

I’m just trying to figure out how to maneuver out of here.

Sometimes, attempting to run away from what you perceive as potential danger can actually land you in a situation of real danger.

It’s like yeah, don’t be an idiot, but. Really? You can end up in a worse situation attempting to run from danger than if you just didn’t.

I will completely admit to you that I have no fuckin’ idea where the road is or how to get out. I can hear it, so it’s over there. It’s just that I need to plot a course that I can drive through here to get back to the main road.

And it’s fine, it’s mostly driven through here, people drive through here and stay in this whole area a shitload.

But dude, it’s crazy. This is crazy.

I’m walking through this shit with no socks on.

If I could get up to here, it seems like a good area.

It is some crazy shit to be doing this and I’m aware of that.

I just want everyone to know that I’m aware that what I’m doing is crazy is fuck.

Back where I am though, I actually did see another camper within view.

People do come out here off the beaten path, but… I gotta get my freakin’ car over here.

Oh my God, Annie, you are a crazy bitch.