Delta Blues Giants

The late 1960s saw a resurgence of interest in the Delta blues, and those legendary artists who were still alive at the time got sought out and brought back into the spotlight. This is the only reason we have any footage whatsoever of these mythical musical figures.

Son House, Skip James, and Bukka White shared the stage at the Newport Folk Festival…

This is some of the most historically significant musical footage in existence, akin to Mozart or Beethoven being caught on film.

Bukka’s percussive use of the guitar body is what really drives it all home for me.

I enjoy a wide variety of music, but I must admit…

Delta blues is the most soothing music that exists.

The blues in general is cool but I dunno, these Mississippi musicians were magic.

Booker T. Washington “Bukka” White

Aberdeen Mississippi Blues (1967)
Poor Boy Long Ways From Home
Jelly Roll Blues

I said baby if you can’t cook sweet jelly roll, please ma’am stop knockin’ on my door.

John Lee Hooker

Boom Boom (1969)

Theodore Roosevelt “Hound Dog” Taylor

Ann Arbor (1973)

“Hound Dog” Taylor was born with an extra finger on both hands. Apparently he cut the extra finger off his right hand in a drunken state one night. Just like Robert Johnson, God only knows what Taylor was struggling with. With the extra finger on his left hand still intact, he went on to become a remarkable slide guitarist. Just like Robert Johnson, he was able to utilize this gift he was born with to make incredible music.

Hound Dog was like a ray of sunshine cutting through the clouds.

Charley Patton

High Water Everywhere